Like I Have Time to Blog …

But when has that ever stopped me? lol.

IKEA Boy made my day by showering me with compliments over an article I wrote. That, and he’s really a good boss, and I’m not just saying that to kiss ass because I need a raise. (hee hee) Seriously, though, he really does look out for me and wants me to take care of myself and to enjoy/appreciate what I do.

Oddly, I was absolutely reduced to tears to hear such compliments. F/OM used to compliment me a lot — and believe me, when F/OM felt the need to hand out a compliment, you took it, because he wasn’t overly impressed with the assholes on our staff. But then he’d have Her Royal Pretentiousness usurping his authority and telling us in her ever-so-direct way that we still suck, no matter what we might think. Or, her compliments, rare as they were, were backhanded (i.e., you did that well BUT here’s what I would have done because I’m god and you’re not. …).

I don’t know … I always wait for the other shoe to drop. Can that bitch ever realize the psychosis she inflicted on me in 12 short months? What about those directors (like F/OM) who have been there seven years? If they ever leave, they will go into shock when they realize that public ridicule is not a normal workplace behavior. And frankly, I have reached a point where I don’t even expect to hear “nice job,” because at Two Strikes, it was always followed by drama and crisis … your bubble always burst within an hour or two of starting to feel good about your work.

In my defense, I oftentimes told HRP, “I can give you what you want, or I can give you what you need. I prefer giving you the latter.” Oh, how that woman HATED me!!! She used to say, “Do you think I LIKE dragging you in here to tell you that you do phenomenal work but it doesn’t meet my deadlines?” My retort was the same every time, “Do you think I ENJOY being dragged in here to be told my work is great but it’s late? Would you rather it be substandard but be submitted on time?”

Perhaps the bitch, much as she externally disliked me, appreciated the fact that I could tell her exactly what I was thinking … my defiance was well-mannered and well-structured, so she really couldn’t discipline me except for making me look like a fool in a public forum (her favorite punishment). I kept our dirty laundry private, whereas she waved it like a flag in front of my peers and subordinates … because she knew I had way too much class and restraint to ever challenge my superior publicly. I walked away with my dignity intact. … Well, some of it, anyway. 🙂

Waah, I’m rambling. But my whole point is to note to myself (for the book SM and I wish to write) the importance of releasing your hold on the minutiae in order to gain employee respect and retention. I’m still easing out of panic mode, that I’ll get screamed at, if a project is turned in an hour late, regardless of the quality. I was expected to pat Incoherent Twit on her nappy little head every time she turned in something on time, even though most sentences were missing verbs and, well, points. LOL. It’s nice to be complimented for quality and not hear the usual, “But you turned it in late,” that HRP always managed to sneer, just to ensure that you didn’t skulk out of her office with your head held TOO high. Cunt.

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