Like Florida, but with cacti

Festive cactus

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This part of Mexico is just Florida with mountains and cacti. It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s gorgeous.

The sand is too rocky for my delicate tootsies. South Florida sand wins, paws-down, for the ability to walk barefoot on it.

Says she who walked barefoot from dinner to after-dinner drinks, to the cab and along the long and winding path to my hotel room! Ow!

At least my alcohol consumption is intact. As for infinity-pool time, I’ll probably never manage to find time to go swimming down here. But I did a lot of videotaping today (outdoors!) and I have a lot more to come, so my shoulders managed to get tan. Whee!

I’ve also consumed a “special banana” drink, two mango margaritas on the rocks and a frozen mango margarita, and I’m perfectly sober. And the drinks are s-t-r-o-n-g down here, yo.

There’s sort of a sorority-like feeling here. And I feel like a bit of an iconoclast. Like, in my role I *should* be rushing said sorority. But given the choice between being hazed and going off in a smaller group where I’m the coolest girl EVAR, well, you know what I’m gonna pick. 😉

I’m glad we get some downtime before the big event starts. We never got relaxation time in my old life. Arrive, go to work, work 15-hour shifts, go to your room and work some more, eat with your colleagues, drink heavily on the company dime, and arrive hungover in the morning … just in time for (another) lecture of a lifetime about being five minutes late.

I used to bitch about those days. And I still would. But I do miss the expectation that the group would eat dinner together every night. I know we’re all adults and can arrange our own dinners. But even though there were a thousand times I would rather have been out wandering, I had some of the most-amazing nights of my life, breaking bread with my publisher and my editors.

Ah, trade-offs.

Some things are keeping me awake tonight:

1. Alcoholism. 😉

2. Wondering whether Cabo residents get as kerfuffled at all the signs in English the way North Americans get pissed off at all the signs in Spanish.

3. Contemplating whether I should even go back to the States, after that horrible election today. Expatriation, ahoy?

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