Letter to the Queen Editor

I mentioned this letter a few days ago. I wanted to share it with my readers, to show what idiocy still really exists in the world. Just for reference, this was in response to Pride Fag’s monthly columns wherein he manages to use the words “gay,” “sodomy” and “lesbians” fairly liberally. Misspellings retained in this letter to not protect the asinine.

“Dear Pride Fag:


I am so sorry that you would use your position as president of the Veggie Patch to advocate for practices that are bringing death and destruction to untold millions and their families throughout the world. The fact is that the homosexual lifestyle is a dangerous one on all counts — you can sanatize it, you can legalize it, you can pretend that it is “moral,” but you will not be able to overcome the bacteria and viruses introduced into the body through sodomy and anal sex. If you fantasize that somehow medical science and the taxpayers can cure the consequences of homosexual sex, you are quite foolish. You cannot separate the consequences from the behaviors. Please refrain from advocating practices that are killing 600 people a day in the nation of South Africa alone! Please do not wish these consequences on your membership. Thank you.”

— Dumbass Anonymous

I have been forbidden from printing it, but it could have made some good discussion among the newspaper’s very vocal, touchy-feely readers. In stranger news, though, the guy who responded isn’t even a subscriber to the paper!

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