Leave your politics offa my license plate

The Commonwealth of Virginia is known for its vast array of vanity plates, but I just heard on the news that a new one — stating “Choose Life” — is going to be the next in line.

Initial thought:

Didn’t George Michael wear a shirt with that tagline in an early ’80s Wham! video?

Second thought:

Why don’t they just hand out the “Jesus Loves Me” bumper stickers when you get your plate?

You all know my politics, so I’m not going into it again. But license plate promoters are hoping this plate will encourage people to “choose adoption,” according to the newscast I just heard. Yeah, just like the “Baby On Board” window decals discouraged people from rear-ending those cars.

I just want a plate that says, “Don’t hit me.” It is the only thought I take with me on the road — my politics are better left at home, and I wish other people would agree.

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