Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ

This workplace is reminding me more and more of Two Strikes, but I actually paid my former employer a compliment today. Here, the executives all hate each other and can’t agree on anything, but at Two Strikes, we all had respect for each other and took the care and effort to battle things out among ourselves so that we would emerge with a common message for the staff. Some of our arguments were downright brutal, but damn it, we all had our say and therefore we all believed in the messages we conveyed. Here, you get five different messages from five different execs.

At any rate, the waters are still. For now. Pussy Demure apologized to IKEA Boy for the junior high comment but could not respond when he asked why he was not included in a meeting about the editorial content of our publication — after all, he’s only the editor. She slithered away in a huff … I saw her dragging her crusty ass past my door in a dither as she exited his office.

Jackie Chan not only edited the “fired” portion of the past president’s quote, but he pretty much deleted a quarter of the article and softened another percentage of it. Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ. I emailed SM to ask for us to make appointments together at IKEA Boy’s psychiatrist … it seems as if she and I are the only two people in this building who aren’t medicated. Perhaps we should hop on the bandwagon before it’s too late.

Lest it not be obvious, I have NO DESIRE WHATSOEVER to do any work. Today was a waste of a perfectly good suit. 🙂 And the scandalous underwear — I should’ve saved ’em for Oct. 7 (see post below).

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