It sounds like I accomplished more than I actually did

Today’s highlights:

1. An employee who was, ah, overlooked in some way (don’t ask) graciously said, “This is the best place I’ve ever worked. Truly.” And my boss responded with, “Huh? Where did you work before? (Goddess’ old company?)” *snort*

2. A friend referring to an e-mail we all laughed at: “Committee? Don’t they mean ‘psychotic, under-qualified, disbarred bunch of assholes’?”

3. Blowing the cover off the biggest, stupidest lie EVER.

4. Having my 2 p.m. meeting canceled on Meeting TuesdayTM.

5. Using said meeting slot to go buy cupcakes!

6. Eating said cupcakes. Some of them. :9

7. A Starbucks run with my boss. And getting a sort-of promotion.

8. Pushing off a pain-in-the-ass project or two.

9. Lovely messages from friends around the globe. And a late-day bitch fest with mah girl T.

10. Turning 30. For the 7th time. (Or was that just turning 35 again?)

One Lonely Response to It sounds like I accomplished more than I actually did

  1. Ian :

    Hey – just wanted to stop in and wish you happy (belated) birthday. Glad to hear your birthday was a decent one – hope the year has a ton of awesomeness in store for you!