Is it Sunday night already?

“Sex and the City” was both hilarious and hideous. Unfortunately, the hilariousness wasn’t anywhere near the end of the show.

Shawn came over for our Sunday night “Sex” date, and we laughed hard over jokes about Madonna’s (and then Samantha’s) bad British accents and about something else related to the GLBT prom that Stanford Blatch was on the decorating committee for.

David Duchovny made an appearance as Carrie’s high school sweetheart who was “taking a month off to rest” — but the month was more like eight to 10 months in a psychiatric facility. I don’t care if he has problems or not, he was hot! 🙂

The show ended more like “Queer as Folk” than “SATC,” and we were kind of bummed. But the bumming only escalated when we learned that there will be no episode next week. Gaah!

If I heard correctly, the show will return Sept. 7 and 14 before going into its final hiatus — the last half of the sixth and final season will pick up early next year. Shawn predicted that, when the new season picks up, Duchovny’s character will be out of the rest home and might be ready to pick up where they left off. And of course, we see an eventual resurfacing of the debonair Mr. Big. We’re still not sure how Mikhail Baryshnikov will fit into this puzzle, but I’m sure it will be fabulous (just hopefully more fabulous than this episode!).

In personal news, well, there is no personal news. 🙂 The cats continue to be weirded out by each other. Maddie is hissing all the time (and I’d never heard her do that before!) while Chloe just wants to be around and be like her new big sister. I have a great photo of the two of them bitching at each other.

The new cat’s shit stinks worse than Maddie’s. And I swear the little one is flatulating all over creation. Ugh! I have about seven air fresheners active right now. Maddie’s being quite unsociable, even with me, which sucks because she’s been my best buddy for seven years. I’m sure she’ll come around, but in the meantime, I am trying to sneak her extra treats and make sure she’s fed and petted first. We’ll get through this, just as long as I don’t scold her when she’s eating Chloe’s food. 🙂 She loves feeling like she’s pulling one over on me!

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