In which I ask Santa for a refrigerator padlock

Happy holidays

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Because we need some humor around here. …

I had bought myself a chocolate pizza from Pizza Rustica on Friday night, as my reward for getting through a very stressful seven days without having a nervous breakdown.

(I note that I bring on the stress myself. I’m sensitive, damn it.)

So as I drove home along the A1A (where I snapped a photo of this sign — I love driving along the ocean at night now because the palm trees are lit up and I can actually see the road in the dark for a change), I enjoyed part of my treat.

BTW, chocolate pizza = hot dough with melted Nutella. it’s best when it’s fresh, of course. And I figured I’d heat up the other half for breakfast in the morning.

So, I woke up yesterday, fed the kitty, made some coffee and went to look for my remaining chocolate pizza when — alas — it was missing!

I saw the little pizza box in the trash, and it was empty. Hmmm.

Now, knowing that Mom comes and goes as she pleases, I figured she might have taken the pizza. Whatever, no big.

I think I ended up having a Reese’s cup for breakfast (yes, my diet has gone to hell — why do you ask?). And an hour later, as I was looking under my bed for one of Kadie’s toys, I saw the plate upon which said chocolate pizza was placed into the box.

No pizza, mind you. Just the chocolate-strewn plate.

OK, so either Kadie ate it or I did.

But here’s the thing — did I eat it in my SLEEP?

I have absolutely no recollection of opening the fridge, taking out the box, putting it in the trash and taking the plate of goodness into my bedroom.

Oh joy. I sleepwalk and I stress-eat. Now I sleep-eat. Awesome!

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