In true Caterwauling form

I need a bitch break.

It’s 1:13 p.m., and my boss’s secretary just ducked out for the day. My supervisor is out sick for the week, so her bland assistant goes AWOL on a moment’s notice. Good thing those of us in our department aren’t allowed to really ask her for anything or give her anything to do, because we wouldn’t get it. 😉

I just had one of our employees come in here while I was eating my lunch to ask me a professional favor. You know, I asked him for a favor two fucking weeks ago, and I have yet to see the results (it’s too late now — the paper was already printed). He wants me to take a photo of some people standing around a plaque. Of course. I am so sick of that same request — it comes at least twice a month. Luckily, we anticipated the request, and Angie graciously offered to take the stupid photo because I have neither the time nor the patience for it.

And I was so rude to the guy — who really is nice, sadly. He said that Pride Fag wanted this photo, and I interrupted to say, “Oh, let me guess — we’re going to line up people around a sign?” And he said yes. So I said, “Perfect. Y’know, ’cause that’s the type of photography our readers really want to see.”

I know, it’s nothing. It’s 10 minutes of our time. But I was also asked to be on Capitol Hill at the crack of fucking dawn on Monday morning. Not fun, but much more important. Again, it’s gonna be a photo of 200 people standing on steps, but hey, it’s a lot more interesting than four people lined up against a wall holding a fucking sign. 🙂

Why am I so friggin’ BITTER today?!?!

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