In Brief

My new gal started today. We really seem to get along. I look forward to a good working relationship with her. 🙂

No news is good news. Haven’t heard anything new about Shan and the little one. I did know they were supposed to do a blood transfusion on the baby either last night or today, which brings about a hepatitis risk, but this kid seems like she can survive anything.

I am slowly emptying the old apartment. It looks like a hurricane hit it. Meanwhile, I have yet to even unpack a damn thing in the new place. But that’s OK — life took over, and life is way more important than emptying boxes.

A gal at work offered to donate baby stuff to Shan — clothes, highchairs, etc. I will gladly take that stuff off of her hands for when Alex gets to come home in four weeks!

So. Very. Tired.

Got some hate mail about Pride Fag’s latest column. Some asshole bitched about us promoting homosexuality and disease-spreading. I was told not to run the letter, which I didn’t want to do anyway because it’s just ignorant and nasty. But it’s sad — I’ve been waiting for someone to write in opposition to his ideas, but not about his sexual orientation.

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