Idiocy O’Plenty

Just to show how little Demure, my supervisor, really has to do in a day:

I give her my articles to read for content only (i.e., to keep us from getting sued). Last week, I gave her one of my articles with that note in bold: Do NOT edit for anything but content.

For my running head, I nicknamed it “Licensure O’Plenty.” Everybody here knows that my running heads are always edited once they are laid out in Quark. And, see above, the article was in need of a re-work from top to bottom, including the head.

Anywho, I just found a note from her on the article. She circled the title and wrote, “Too light a headline for this subject.”

Does she honestly think I’d title a front-page article with that?!?!

That was the worst of it, other than the fact that she EDITED it for transitions and punctuation, when I WARNED her that it was a random collection of quotes and nothing more. Go away, woman, and leave the editing to me. Dipshit.

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