I should know better

So I was sittin’ on Duke Street, waiting for the light to turn so I could make a left turn. I was yawning and in mid-stretch when the light turned. Immediately, the asshole behind me laid on his horn. As my arms were already in the air, I flipped him off in the rearview mirror and slammed on the gas. Wouldn’t you know that son of a bitch FOLLOWED my ass around half of Alexandria?

I pulled into a 7-11, next to an empty police car, but I didn’t turn the car off. Asshole pulled in next to me, wound down his window and started cussing me out. I backed out in a hurry and jetted the fuck out of there. He followed. I did manage to lose him in traffic awhile later (I drive like a nutcase, so I am rather difficult to keep up with, even though you can see my big stuffed Garfield clinging to the window from a mile away), and I went to another 7-11 for coffee and a carton of Camel Lights. I guess by that point I had lost him, although I wasn’t sure but I thought he might have been in the lot of the second 7-11, but being that he hadn’t thrown a bomb into my open sunroof, I assume I am safe. 🙂

It sucks that some dumbass would follow a fucking GIRL around town because she flipped him off. Christ. What did he want to do, beat the shit out of me for reacting to his impatience? Did he think I would actually get out of the car for him to assault me, whether verbally or physically?

Oh, and it’s a furlough day. Remind me why I got out of bed for this shit?

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