I see why people like it when I’m too busy to think

Did you also know that your brain generates 50,000 thoughts a day? Or that you consume approximately 14 different types of food each day? (Data found in a book. Yes, I read offline!)

My day wasn’t insanely busy. I haven’t had a “slow” day since like 1973, when I was FORMING IN THE WOMB, so I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Here are some of those 50,000 thoughts:

1. While my “underling” was busy identifying a problem that I should have had the wits about me to see coming or at least to research, I was busy placating somebody who was whining that he didn’t like this past weekend’s WordPress upgrade and that, no, my tech team didn’t do anything to fuck up his life.

2. I spent 10% of my day doing real work and 90% playing messenger/therapist/fluffer. And avoiding someone’s calls because everyone else has An Opinion and frankly I just couldn’t be arsed today to deal with this particular fire.

3. My crypto-fascist apartment overlords are pissed off that I have a welcome sign on my door and they say they will terminate my lease because of it. And … if I could get a few days off of work, I would be GLAD to pack and RUN.

4. What the hell are we hanging in there / fighting for anyway? Not just at home. Everywhere. What if the one reason we’re all adhering our codependent asses to each other is just a pipe dream?

5. I took a wrong turn onto 95 and found myself mindlessly barreling toward Daytona Beach. But, what would really stop me from flooring it and never looking back? NOT MUCH.

I’ll blow my bandwith if I go to 50,000. But these are the things I think when I’m not psycho-busy. No wonder they keep me overloaded. Thinking is dangerous … and not dangerous for me …

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