‘I just wanna run, hide it away, run because they’re chasing me down’

Crocodile crossing

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All right all you dream analysts out there. Riddle me this: What does it mean when you dream every single night of traveling?

A couple nights ago, I dreamed I had a flight connection in Seattle. My friends Lachlan and Bayou came to the airport to meet me. And then we all decided to go somewhere else together. We had a blast.

Last night, I dreamed I got back to Baltimore to see my “kids” (my staff that I absolutely loved. Everyone above me feared us all joining up and starting a revolution against them. Silly management). And then we all went up to New York City, where I got to party with Jon Bon Jovi.

What will tonight hold? I can’t wait to find out. Maybe I’ll nap during the evening webinar we’re hosting. *snooze*

I’m starting to get sick over an assignment coming my way. It’s actually part of one I already do, so it’s not like there’s a large cash windfall coming with it. Meanwhile there IS a new assignment that I LOVE doing but I never have time for.

I need to man up and do the new assignment at night. But I really don’t want to get into the work-around-the-clock days again.

I never took a stand for myself in my life, and I don’t think now is the time to piss parameters around my free time. As I find myself back on the trajectory that nearly killed me the first time around, can I be brave enough to say no and risk having nothing … or do I try to do it all and REALLY put my health and happiness squarely in harm’s way?

One Lonely Response to ‘I just wanna run, hide it away, run because they’re chasing me down’

  1. Mel :

    You dream of California *you are getting sleepy*