‘I Drove All Night’

Not only is that my favorite Cyndi Lauper song that totally rocked socks live last night, but it’s also the truth.

Angie and I got so freakin’ lost finding Wolf Trap Farm Park out in Bumfuck Egypt Vienna last night, but we quickly tore into the two bottles of wine she had packed for us, and the aggravation became a faded memory. The directions from Crapquest Mapquest blew chunks — it should never take 60 minutes and four cigarettes to go six miles from the Vienna metro stop.

But alas, we had fun. We danced and sang and had no shortage of laughs. We were 11 and 12 again, jumping on our beds in our nightgowns, belting out “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” “All Through the Night” and “Time After Time.” Cyndi played some songs from her new album (who knew?), and our favorite was “Eventually.” I think I need to get that CD post-haste. 🙂

There was some jackass behind us who kept yelling out with his thick Indian accent, “Seet down! Please will you seet down! Thank you for seeting down!” Um, I thought the point of concerts was to go rock out — it’s not like we could see the tiny figure singing on the stage from where we were.

I was pleasantly entertained by opener Taylor Dayne. There was a cute T-Shirt of hers, all black with hot pink letters, but I just couldn’t see myself ever advertising her in public. But girlfriend’s got some pipes, I say. I was one of those assholes who made phone calls to share the concert experience, although I was not one of the obnoxious ones who sticks their phone in the air — my headset picked up the sounds rather well, and I could be covert about it.

Poor Angie suffered some minor injuries — she got a splinter under her finger when she bought her Cyndi Lauper T-shirt, and her shoe broke while we were hiking to the car after the event. Oh, but the pain was not over yet. She dropped me off at the Vienna metro station, only for me to find that the last train left five minutes before I arrived. So she had to come back and drag my ass out to the Van Dorn metro stop, where I had left my car. And we laughed like hyenas when we got on I-66 and saw signs for Wolf Trap — we were lost for an HOUR because we didn’t know how to get there (and there aren’t signs for it on the other highways), yet had we taken 66, we’d have been set. And she barely made it in for the 9 a.m. staff meeting (it’s a long-ass drive). She really did drive all night, like the song says!

The staff meeting was good. We’re going to get 75 percent of our furlough time refunded to us. For those of us who were forced to work on those days, we’re thrilled. For everyone else, it was extra paid vacation time. I personally thanked the CEO for the decision. He said we earned it. I have to agree!

On iTunes: Nova Space, “Time After Time (techno mix)”

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