Hump (me) day

Awakened in a relatively good mood. Came to work and tried to not let that evaporate too much. 🙂 Just got off the phone with HR — my interview for my job is next Wednesday. She wanted to schedule it for Friday, but I would like to remain in a fairly good mood on that day, and I doubt an interview with Demure is the best way to maintain equilibrium. lol.

I would love the editor job, but I think it would behoove me to send out some resumes, just for giggles. I know, I don’t want another “real” job, but it would boost my self-esteem to know that my world won’t end if I don’t get the position I want here. I asked about the competition, and so far, there are three external candidates coming in next week for interviews. I know they want and deserve the best-quality candidate, but studies have shown that it is in a company’s best interest to promote from within. But as I am not jumping for joy every morning because I work here, it’s a sign that perhaps I shouldn’t advance here — not because I don’t deserve it, but because it will force me to seek happiness elsewhere.

And god knows I am overdue for some happiness, wherever and however I may find it!!!


This is of no concern to the blogging community, but I have to show my face at three mandatory back-to-back meetings tomorrow — managers’ meeting, staff meeting, convention meeting. Tomorrow is deadline day, too (not that I’ve been overly concerned about it — I can throw together my two stories pretty quickly if I must, as the third fell through). But I’m just not in the mood to dress like a schoolmarm to be seen by all of these yo-yos — you have to wear a skirt to the floor, your hair in a ponytail or otherwise not fixed that morning, proper work shoes and a loose shirt if you don’t want to be talked about by the upper management. Shan always says that they would probably love it if we had to wear uniforms, and she ain’t kidding.

I guess this means I’ll have to wear makeup, too. I usually save that for weekends, although I needed some today, too. 🙂 What a waste!

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