‘Hot Child in the City’

I am inspired by a fellow blogger (who shall remain nameless) who is changing the focus of her blog to be more about the good things she’s doing and less about the bitching (although we all know and adore her for her superior rants about asshats, fucktards and the intellectually underachieving).

Somebody made things “right,” or at least “even,” for me at work. That’s not to say that I have any inclination to retire from this place, but I do want to be at peace and be able to take things in stride while I am still around. I think a big part of my problem was an altogether too clear picture of the unfairness of it all. But I have to keep remembering that no matter what they say or do, I should be treated as their secret weapon instead of as a thorn in their side or a bug up their asses. Isabel made it crystal clear in previous comments to not give work my all because I will have nothing left when I can enjoy my personal time. Of course, I’m in crazy-busy mode again now at work, but there is a lot to be said for going home, enjoying a cocktail (or a cold glass of soda, which I tend to enjoy even more), watching a mindless sitcom and getting a good night’s rest. It may not be the most productive use of my time, but it does allow me to recharge and not have to think too hard about the injustices of the working world in general. Because, as one of Shan’s old friends put it, workplaces are nothing more than the same cast of characters in different buildings with different names. So in my hurry to job-search, I have to remember that there are going to be trade-offs, and jobs that sound damn good in print may only sound good that way. This clarity gives me the freedom to go into an interview and truly say that I like what I do and to wait for the employer to impress me just as much as I am expected to impress him or her.

Speaking of a good night’s sleep, I didn’t get one. The apartment cooled down to 84 degrees, and I slept for two hours, after 5 a.m. The a/c is supposedly going to be back on today. Turns out that my whole block in my complex lost the a/c, and we were being offered temporary shelter at a local middle school. I sat on my balcony most of the night and enjoyed the breeze. I hate having the screen door open because Kadi knows how to get outside, but she only tried to get out once, and I had to take my chances during the night. But she was dancing on my head around 7:30 a.m., so all was well. I am dressed like a hooker today, practically. Just a T-Shirt, short skirt and some shimmery scarf around my waist. I know I’ll need to meet with my boss later today, and I know she’ll eyeball me like she always does when I’m not dressed too well for work, but my ass was hot and I wasn’t about to bury myself in layers of clothing in my hot little abode.

Ergh. Anyway, back to work! Another working weekend awaits, oh joy! Happy Friday to all!

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