Hiring blues


Well, H.R. swears she contacted Sports Guy on Tuesday about the job offer. He left her a VM at 8 p.m. Tuesday night. She called him again Wednesday morning. Here it is, Thursday morning, and I still don’t know if he is accepting the job or not.

The cynical side of me wonders if H.R. isn’t sneaky enough to claim to be calling the guy but isn’t bothering. I mean, sheesh, the one time I sent him an e-mail, I received a response within 10 minutes. And of course, Witchy Woman has already called H.R. to find out where we are in the process (just like she called to bug me after her first interview — career coaches need to quit telling people to do that, because people like me don’t view it as being efficient and interested — we take it as call number 56 of 100 to answer in a day).

In a strange way, I like her. I felt like she was “the one” from the beginning. But my feeling is that she’s too good for the job — that she’ll spend one week in that loony bin and run screaming.

When I told H.R. that I chose Sports Guy as the lucky winner of the position, she was crushed. She said she hates to let the better candidate go. But really, ARE we letting the better candidate go? I chose Sports Guy based on his potential to grow into his, and eventually my, job. I feel like Witchy Woman would take to her job immediately … and then want mine six months later. But I could be wrong. In fact, I think, given her work experience to date, she’s dealt with enough corporate idiocy to know how to hang in a wacky environment.

We’ll see, friends. We’ll see.

I’m feeling like I made the wrong decision with Sports Guy. I really do. But my decision is based on who can roll with the punches … who will just grin and bear it … ’cause that’s about 50 percent of the job on any given day.


We think Sports Guy must be waiting for an offer from someone else. H.R. did make the offer to him, but he wanted till noon tomorrow to think about it. H.R. won’t be in the office, so he’ll call me with an answer either way. We don’t have enough of a grasp on his personal integrity to know whether he will accept this position but then bow out if someone comes in with a better offer. I’d just like to know if they’re interviewing elsewhere, ya know? Makes ’em much more appealing, to know that somebody else might get them first. 🙂

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