High gear

I had a two-hour conversation with a convicted child molestor, an hour-long conversation with a lady visiting my office from South Africa, and a whole buncha coffee and caramel corn while I edited submissions of varying coherence from people who want to run for elected office in my agency. I’m going to chase it all down with a Diet Dr. Pepper and a handful of semi-sweet morsels and try to cram four days’ worth of work into the next day and a half. Not to mention that my ass was here till 8:30 last night and will be there at least that late tonight.

Upper McManagement just snuck another furlough day into the schedule in November . Of the three furloughs we’ve had so far, I’ve worked during two of them. And the next one should be no exception. Y’know, I was on board with it when they were supposed to be the occasional half-days, but now they’ve become monthly full-days — and the paycheck it impacts is the one that rent comes out of.

I was gonna offer up some MP3s that are getting me through the day, but both Blogger and my web host are being menstrual (as am I), so fuck it. Another day. 🙂

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