Hey Jackass

Yes, you. You know who you are. You’re the dumb asshole who doesn’t bother cleaning the snow off of your car before you hit the highways. Yes, you dumb shit, I can’t see your face through the small hole in the snow that you DID manage to clear for yourself in the windshield, but I still want to kick your ass anyway. Hey, I got my ass out of bed a half hour early to clean off my car, why the fuck do you feel that you don’t have to? Sure, the wind will knock the snow off, but it will knock it onto me, the unfortunate asshole behind your illiterate ass. Dumbass.

This was problematic for me when I did the nasty Christmas Day drive north. I’d be flying along just dandily, then some asshole would fly in front of me from one of the exits on the interstate, and next thing I knew, I’d have a white-out on my OWN windshield because Jim-Bob in the pickup truck didn’t feel the need to get out the ice scraper. Motherfuckers. This happened dozens of times, unfortunately, particulary on icy patches. I hate people. They do not deserve to have a car, if they can’t clean it off.

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