‘Here’s your port of call, right here’

Angie and I had a culturally inappropriate conversation today, based on my wish to find a hot European man. I was telling her how tiresome it is to continually be hit on by people I would never find attractive — that I studied French and want to learn Italian because those are the cultures that appeal to me aesthetically (and they’re quite the romance languages). I was joking that I keep waiting for some hot Italian semen seaman to sail up the Potomac River on his gondola, and if he’s looking for someplace to park his boat, I pointed to my crotch and said, “Here’s your port of call, right here, baby.”

She swore I must have said that before; it came out too quickly. I really hadn’t, but I said it sounded like a blog entry in the making.

So there you have it. 🙂

On iTunes: Jane Siberry, “The Life is the Red Wagon”

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