Hello, God? Please make sure Clay wins ‘American Idol’!

The newest instance of Gorejacking is alive and well for “American Idol” fans, as they want the votes they inadvertently cast to a Kentucky church’s voice mail box to be added to the 24 million-plus votes that did count in determining the ‘AI’ finalist.

Seems that nearly a quarter million calls were misdirected during the voting process, which would have possibly pushed Clay Aiken through to “AI” status, not Ruben, per this story.

Some folks are speculating that people were hitting the “Q” key instead of “O” when dialing the toll free “IDOL” numbers for their favorite singers.

Funny how nobody caught this during the other two months that the show was aired live.

Look, Clay rocks socks, and he will always be my favorite contestant, but let it lie, people! Same with the last presidential election — I wanted Gore to win, but the whole recounting business left me drained and wanting somebody, anybody to have won, just to be done with it. Suppose there is a recount, and Clay is in fact the winner. So what? Honestly, I don’t care. Show’s over. And if people are dumb enough to misdial and not try again, that’s their own fucking fault.

Cripes, I sent text messages to the wrong numbers, and I was told it was incorrect, so I did it right the next time. Likewise, these callers were reaching a church’s voice mail — did they think God was tabulating the results?!?!

Thanks to Shawn for this gem. 🙂

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