So, OK, I’ve been a WEE bit busy of late. And lo and behold, apparently this silly page got hacked again. Is it a sign to finally give up after 10-plus years of blogging here?

I need to blather here, so bear with me. Not that anybody should still be reading. But still. It’s my diary and I want to have this memory. 🙂

I could ramble about the car. Like, it catching FIRE on 95-North and again on 95-South as I came home. I could bitch about the idiot mechanics keeping it an extra few days to unfuckup their work, only to break something else in the process AND try to sell me new tires. But alas, they fixed it … aaaand the engine light came on the first day I had my car back.

(O HAI crack in the emissions system! *headdesk*)

I could ramble about work. Which is perfectly lovely right now. I’m in a research phase and it’s boring as all get-out. I’m hoping things get a lil’ busier. Which, God likes to grant THAT wish, so I’m not worried.

I could also say that I got dumped on Valentine’s Day … but in kind of a good way. I dumped a guy many years ago on Valentine’s Day and I haven’t had a good one since then. So I’m hoping that getting dumped — by my final freelance client — on Valentine’s Day is exactly what I needed.

Lord knows I am enjoying the extra relaxing and TV-watching I’m doing. 🙂 And they paid me right away, unlike VaJayJay, VaGina and TwunTina, so hallelujah.

Anyway, I’m also getting up and to work earlier so that I can enjoy the silence before the boys come in for the day. So when I collapse at night, I still feel like I’ve earned the mental vacation every evening.

But what I really want to ramble about? Is that I just had the BEST. FIRST. DATE. EVER. I’m keepin’ the good stuff to myself, of course. But … wow.

I’m making no predictions. No summaries. No wish lists. No ANYTHING that would jinx this.

But I will say this. All these vehicular adventures that are taking years off of my life and could possibly even kill me? (See — Fire: Electrical, at high speeds during a 40-mile-each-way-commute.) Hunh-uh. No way.

Life is just getting good. I plan to stick around for it. For a LONG time.

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