Happy day

I checked my mail this morning, only to find a gift from my first roommate Janna. It’s a gorgeous blue-and-silver mobile for my new hacienda. She said she had a dream about me, that I was a famous novelist living in Paris, so when she got my “I’m moving!” e-mail, she really expected to open it up and find out I’d gone abroad.

She did say that she hopes I have a balcony. Too funny — because I do! 🙂 (And I took the kitties out there separately last night, only to have them fall quiet in awe at first but then scratch the fuck out of me ’cause they wanted to go back inside. Pussies.)

Janna also had the pleasure of running into my beloved Jon Bon Jovi at the Westin in Pittsburgh. She saw him getting onto his tour bus. *swoon* Figures, she’s not even a fan! 🙂 But that’s OK — I loved hearing about it anyway! 🙂

Anyway, that nice surprise was almost counteracted by the fact that I took a wrong turn and ended up headed toward D.C. this morning when I should’ve taken the exit for Richmond. Oh well. I corrected it quickly enough after doing a quick spin through South Arlington. Gaah. Only me!

We have some big errors with the paper, so I shall be attending to those minor crises today. Woo hoo! I suppose I need to get my butt in gear and fix some problems, so I’ll be back later. 🙂

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