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This one’s from Chris. Thanks for taking over for me, buddy! 🙂

Today I went through my mail and received my first movie from Netflix, “Chasing Amy.” I opened it gleefully and watched at least a half hour before it hit me … just how lazy as Americans have we become?

I mean, you can get food delivered to you, and I don’t just mean pizza. Chinese, cantonese, Italian, fried chicken … hell, there’s even a kosher food delivery service here. Calorie-packed stuff that takes quite a toll on your wallet and your waistline, which is probably my point. There are many of us who are battling weight issues, and these wonderful ideas of convenience really are just keeping us as a people planted on our asses in front of the TV.

I don’t want to go out on a rant, but on my way to work, I witnessed a street hockey game with a bunch of the neighborhood kids, and I did a double take. You never ever see kids out playing hoops, or hockey, or stickball, or outside JUST BEING KIDS anymore. No need to play real baseball … I have MLB 2004 on Playstation. Fun and entertainment right at your door, no need to venture out.

I’d write more, but my meatball sanwich just arrived. I have to eat quickly, since the pharmacy is dropping off some trojans and warming liquid for me, and the escort service said my redhead should be here within the hour 😛

Re: Gay marriage.

I firmly believe that gays should have the same right as straight folk to marry. I do however, always listen to dissenting opinions when they are lucid, and well thought out (not “because they’re fags” or “what’s next, legalizing beastiality”?) . I post this dissent because it really is the best one yet I have heard, in spite of the fact I disagree with its point. …

“One wildcard in the election year is gay marriages and how the candidates feel about the issue. Personally, I don’t care if it is Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve. However, I don’t think government ever defined marriage (it was defined several thousand years ago by religion) therefore, I don’t think government should be allowed to redefine it.

I do believe if people want to live together and share health benefits and inheritance, they should be allowed to — civil unions are the answer to this problem. I believe in separation of church and state, and therefore I think marriage should stay as it is. Both candidates have opposed gay marriages, but the Republicans will try to pin the vote in Massachusetts on John Kerry.

Then again, I couldn’t stay married myself so who am I to talk about it?”

— John Layfield, former NFL player, guest speaker on of all things, Fox News —

At least it’s not hate-based, as I have heard way too often.

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