Somebody had a few too many martinis at Topaz last night. And that same somebody was awakened at 4 a.m. by a spunky little black cat who saw fit to dig her claws into her Mommy’s temples. And when I fell back asleep, I was awakened again by that same little terror, who decided to cough and sneeze directly in my face.

Our organization’s president called a meeting with me first thing this morning. I swear — he always gets me on the uber-hungover, no-makeup days.

Must shop for corporate potluck luncheon tomorrow. I swear, I’d sooner have another furlough day than a potluck lunch. But I have to reason that, if the worst thing about my job is having to deal with other peoples’ cooking and their bad table manners, then I should be a happy girl. 🙂

*off to find recipe for Shit Souffle*

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