Great Expectations

So I figured I’d put a call in to the Muse to help me write something interesting today.

*cue the crickets*

Boy what a day. Everyone’s in the same mood, and it ain’t an ebullient one. I think everyone’s exhausted, running on empty, frustrated, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, confused, chasing their tails, waiting to catch a break, dreading taking a break and being forced to catch up, and just plain unimpressed.

On one hand, I think we’re all building up things to be a lot harder and/or a lot better than they really are. But on the other hand, we don’t want to set our expectations too low because we (or others) might not stretch as far as we/they can to rise to whatever occasion we want to celebrate but dare not envision.

Today’s one of those days that I’m ready to close my eyes to the fine print and swallow a heaping dose of “I believe in Santa Claus” and hope I’m not one of those who experiences any adverse side effects. Because secretly, I’ve always believed. But now, it’s time to declare it for the world to know. …

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