I like to think I deserve grace, or luck or at the very least a long intermission from life’s shitshow. And I did have some grace shown to me today. 

I was in the car, literally thanking my lucky stars for the small kindness extended to me when I needed (and I believe deserved) it. I mean I did everything right. Not my fault the universe tried and failed to screw me. 

But apparently the universe doesn’t like you thinking that you earned that tiny victory. (And believe me, it is tiny. But I was still happy.)

I was stopped at a stop sign for a good solid five-count. Because, two cop cars 100 yards away.  And I almost got T-boned by the clown who stopped about four seconds after I did. 

Perhaps the real grace was not getting kilt. But I swerved hard into oncoming traffic that was mercifully not moving, and it’s only because of my actions that I am fine right now. 

Who the fuck put me in charge of safety on the roads? Why do I seem like the only one who has to pay attention and why do I get punished for doing nothing wrong?

Anyway, I thought the universe wanted gratitude. Needy universe. 🙂  But what more do I need to say or do to not have to feel grateful things aren’t worse?

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