Good news, not-so-good news

Well, I’m officially a tenant at my new abode. The place is immaculate and the carpet is brand-new (let’s take this opportunity to admit that I already stained the carpet with an air freshener that must’ve melted in my trunk this morning — purple spots o’plenty, but it smells like lilacs in there now!) I can’t WAIT to start lugging carloads of crap there (as I’ve run out of boxes and patience so I would like to get my unpacked items there pronto).

The bad news comes from Sports Guy, who politely declined the job to my voice mail. He sounded sincere in that he feels he’s missing an incredible opportunity to get to work with me, but alas, he got another offer — from a daily newspaper — which he thought would be the better choice for him.

Maybe it isn’t bad news, though. Things happen for a reason — maybe this is fate’s way of kicking my ass and telling me that it’s not too late to undo a screw-up.

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