Good friends, good food, good golly!

I’ve been trying to eat more healthily this year, but a box of Godiva truffles Mom gave me last week kinda killed that — I can’t have just one. I must consume the whole box. Mmm, truffles. Although Tiff does remind me that people who are on the South Beach Diet may have chocolate. So, like, that’s not cheating, then, right?

I haven’t lost any weight since I went to Pittsburgh more than a week ago, but I haven’t gained any, either. For me, the latter is just as much of an accomplishment as the former.

Shawn and I had a healthy and happy lunch of salads at Panera yesterday, and afterward, Tiff came over for a visit before we went riding in Gustav, her way-cool new green Bug. We decided to round out our day with sweet potato fries with gorgonzola at Capitol City Brewing Company. And of course, who can pass up the hot, soft pretzels they serve all customers, which come with a lovely side of ground mustard/sour cream/horseradish dip? Oh, and hell, since we were there, we ordered dinner. One thing I love about Capitol City (aside from the pretzel dip, the sweet potato fries and the awesome warm chipotle BBQ sauce that comes with the fries, of course!), is that you can order a sandwich and say, “Atkins it!” and you’ll get a salad instead of fries and they’ll hold the bread. Woo hoo! I think I have officially found a new favorite restaurant — thanks Tiff! 🙂

I tried ordering a low-carb wrap at Ruby Tuesday the other day. You can get the salad bar as your side dish, so I did that. And what did those evil bastards do but deliver the wrap with a pile of their delicious peppery french fries? I did succumb to having a handful of them. Damn it.

I’m slowly plowing through the South Beach book. It’s almost hard to believe, from my standpoint as a die-hard Atkins conoisseur, that you can have so much stuff on that diet. I mean, sweet potato fries? Chocolate? Bread (albeit whole grain)? Tiramisu?!?! Damn. The only problem I have with South Beach, at this point, is its push to eat low-fat cheese. Nuh uh. Forget that crap — I eat cheese like it’s going out of style, and I like me my fatty cheese. But to have chocolate, maybe I can acquiesce.

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