Goddamn hippies, part deux

The Veggie Patch Board of the Directionless passed a bylaw this past weekend to advocate for piece. One of the “Whereas” clauses included sending this new piece of hippie legislation to President Bush. It reads something to the effect that we disagree with the aggression that our country is taking out on other, smaller, poor, unfortunate countries.


Sweet Jesus. Luckily, one of the girls in our membership meeting created a stink, because her organization would have its funding revoked if this were actually followed through on. Unfortunately, we had our President-Elect there, whom I’ll call Pride Fag (not flag), who shot right back that we in fact are peace loving hippie freaks who need to take a stand. I was practically spitting nails and had a few choice words to say that we need to choose our political battles, and this ain’t one of them.

Damn it — gotta run, but I will finish this diatribe later.

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