King Kumquat told Shan that she doesn’t have to go to our convention next month so that she can stay in the office and do eight billion other things. Shit! That means that not only do I have to go without her, but that unquestionably, J-Ho will be going in her place. Fuck!

Anybody want to go to Anaheim, Calif., next month? Room’s paid for (although you’d have to sleep with me, and believe me, there will ONLY be sleeping going on!), you’d just have to pick up airfare. I will absolutely DIE, spending 18-hour days for a week with the Idiot Savante Association, where I am the only non-medicated (and non-idiot savante) on board the Veggie Patch Express!

Shoot. Me. NOW!!!

Gaaaah, part deux

Just came back from the dentist. He said it’s a shame I have such a crappy dental plan, ’cause I have loads of damage from my old dentist to undo, as well as a bunch of shit my old dentist never noticed nor mentioned to me. Argh. As if the 18 X-Rays that they did on me today weren’t painful enough, but like I told them, it would’ve been more painful to have been at work that whole time. 😉

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