Everyone at work is in a funk. You can tell it’s performance appraisal season and, in my case, deadline season. Anyway, for all you worker bees out there, here’s an article on how to land your dream job.

I checked my online bank statement today. They charged me an extra $30 insufficient funds fee, only they called this one an “extended” fee. I shot them a nasty note that if I had the money, I would’ve put it in sooner, for cripes’ sake — did I really like having my account at -$230 for the past 10 days? I am hitting the bank tomorrow and closing my account, and I told them as much. I titled my trouble ticket “insult to injury.” Have you ever heard of an extended overdraft charge? Damn. God forbid my car insurance check didn’t clear for two weeks, so I’d forgotten all about it. Without all the $30 charges for lack-o-funds and bounced checks, I might not have been so destitute.

Does it ever get easier? Wait, don’t answer that. I did have a coupla fabulous things happen this month (that are simply not blog-worthy just yet; let me enjoy them and start to get used to them and try not to fuck them up!) to offset the agony, but it’s always such a precarious balance between pleasure and pain that you just can’t forget that the other exists and is equally as powerful.

On iTunes: Nazareth, “Hair of the Dog”

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