Fun with webstats

We interrupt our regularly scheduled bitchfest to bring you some of the more popular phrases that bring guests to my site. Sit down, take your shoes off, and I’ll pour you a cup of coffee for this one.

Wash the coochie


Benefits of oral sex

Crap myself

Clay Aiken

Celine Dion sneezing

Dawn the goddess

Eat my pussy

Other than the weird Celine Dion reference, I am glad to have provided y’all with Dawn the Goddess’s oral sex entertainment. (Just a word on the “benefits of oral sex” — I doubt I can name a downside to it!)

At any rate, I am increasingly puzzled and pleased that the No. 1 reader of my own website isn’t me. Which is strange, given that Tiff and I share an IP address, and between the two of us, our ranking on my site is No. 5, and my work IP is No. 6. It still shocks the shit out of me that anybody reads this page, but to have people who visit me more often than I do, well, knocks off my frog socks. 🙂 Thanks for coming — hope you’re enjoying the ride!

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