Fuck all

Special thanks to the jerks who threw out my groceries because I have no time for lunch again today.

Extra special thanks to the employee who must hate me who passive aggressively takes his lunch later and later every day … knowing I don’t go till he returns from his often hour plus jaunts.

I don’t say a word because he takes care of a sick person every day. But I have calls and meetings and projects that start before I can leave. And someone HAS to cover the inbox at all times.

I got sick of my last boss taking his 90 minutes and leaving me here to starve. Now I can leave when I want. I just don’t want to miss anything. At least it annoys me less when it’s my choice. But I wish I had that salad, sammich and brand new tub of hummus that those fuckers tossed yesterday.

I didn’t eat till 8 pm last night. Looks like I’m in for a repeat of that today.

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