Was my boss simply put on this earth to complicate processes?

I can’t even get into it. I’m too pissed. Long story short, she is ignoring a directive from Cruise Director to just let me approve my own fucking invoices, which I do anyway, but she always needs to put her signature on it, too. Anyway, she has to send a note to finance to let them know I can run my own little department without her thumb on my head. I even provided her with the form to fill out as well as a list of who gets a copy of it. She has some bullshit story that she won’t be able to even think about it till next week. Meanwhile, she’s going out of town for a week and I still have invoices rolling in that I will have to find someone ELSE to approve over me in her (albeit glorious) absence.

I shot her a message today to say I was sitting on an invoice until she gets that form up to finance. She ran down to my office immediately and said she will just approve the invoice instead of finalizing the form for finance that I provided. I fucking hate her. Really, it was such a major victory for me to get power of signature, and she knows it and has to hold up yet another fucking process, which is what she does for a living.

I want her head. On a platter. Decorated all around with cloves. And roasted. …

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