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Downtown Disney

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In the first actual bona fide vacation day (more or less) that I’ve taken since January, when I came down to Florida to interview for my job, it felt more like work than, well, work does.

Drove from FLL to MCO, roughly, for those who fly and GOD I wish I had. But, alas, I spent upward of three hours in a car with a mom and a cat in a near-constant torrential downpour. Talk about good times for all.

But, alas, the sun shined just enough to get me from Florida’s Turnpike to my hotel, whereupon the monsoon picked up. The good news in all of this is that apparently I drove out of the flood zone and my area is under tornado watch.

I take my absence from the two-foot puddles that God actually DOES love me and isn’t totally out to fuck with me all the time! 🙂

I don’t know whether my area has power or not, but I do know that my Internet went kaput on Wednesday morning and, as it turns out, my modem is fried and can’t be replaced till Monday afternoon. You know, when you have a project you put to bed every school night, that’s REAL convenient. Spent Wednesday eve at Panera; Sunday night will bring the same. Just hope it’s open as late as I need it to be!

Oh, yeah, so, I’m in Downtown Disney. Forgot my camera, as usual, but it’s so rainy and dark here in Orlando that I’m not worried about capturing all the memories we’re making. (*gag*)

Had a lovely dinner on the water at the House of Blues last night. Went in every freaking store in Disney’s Marketplace. Froze my ass off the whole way, since South Florida girl brought nothing but jeans, tank tops, T-shirts and shorts for her weekend adventure. And I’m not yet desperate enough to pay $100 for a sweatshirt with fucking Goofy on it.

I’m debating about whether to go to CityWalk at Universal Studios today or to go partake in “Ice” at the Gaylod Palms, where the display is in an area that’s 9 degrees Fahrenheit. NINE DEGREES. In a tank top. And shorts. In the rain. Paying nearly $30 a person to endure enjoy it.

Also, tonight is the final night of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Which is the reason I came up here in the first place. I’ll tell you what’ll make me merry — for it not to (literally!) rain on my parade!

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