Friday Five

It’s Friday. It’s five questions. It’s the highlight of my morning, unfortunately.

When was the last time you…

1. …went to the doctor?

Mid-September of last year for an appendectomy that also included a bunch of pelvic exams, and I was told that I had a very healthy vagina. Of course, you could blow the dust off of it now, but I digress. 😉

2. …went to the dentist?

One year ago exactly. Fucker promised to give me a cleaning but ended up re-doing a root canal (I still don’t have a crown on it) and ripping out two wisdom teeth. And he wonders why I still haven’t paid his bill from that time — I didn’t want all that work done, I couldn’t afford it, and I was in excruciating pain while I hopped on a plane to take a business trip to California. I hate dentists.

3. …filled your gas tank?

Valentine’s Day. It was the only receptacle that had the opportunity to get filled by a nice long nozzle. 😉

4. …got enough sleep?

Last night, after being deprived of it for a coupla days.

5. …backed up your computer?

Wednesday night around 4 a.m., I dumped a bunch of shit on my web server — my computer screen is going dark and is ringing the death bell, so I figured I’d put put all my shit in a safe place just in case.

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