Flip-flopping and booger-eaters

No, the flip-flopping isn’t in reference to Frosty the Snow-Cow’s heaving bosom (our HR person at work, for those just tuning in) — I’m talking about making my webpage accessible to folks who view my profile at Classmates.com. I see no reason why I should, but then again, why shouldn’t I? Perhaps it is safe for me to say that it’s cool that people I used to know can read the profiles I so artfully crafted for that site about my high school, college, work and general life experiences. They only see the “journalist in D.C.” job title, instead of coming here to read about my third consecutive missed car payment.

Maybe I’ll keep this fabulous site on the QT for a little while longer — because I’ve gotta pitch another bitch. I cannot BELIEVE how many people are married, divorced, separated, with kids, etc. And let me put it this way — I remember these folks from second grade — I will never forget the kids who picked their noses and ate their boogers; I clearly recall the kids who sat and flatulated all day, silently but surely; I remember the dumb bitch who sucked on her red ink pen till the ink exploded in her mouth; etc. And to read that these people are REARING CHILDREN right now just fucking ASTOUNDS me!!! (oh, almost forgot ’bout the girl who screamed, “My tampon just fell out!” on the schoolbus one morning. lol)

Which leads me to wonder, when I am starting to date people, what they were like when they were kids. Did they eat paste or have head lice or scratch their asses or stink because they hated bathing? I shudder to think that the next love of my life was, well, a booger-eater. 🙂 Yet the booger-eaters from my schools are married with kids, and I’m still single. Humph. What gives?

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