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English Bay

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So, the photo may be of Vancouver, but I’m back in my souper-seekrit location in South Florida. Mom-cation, the revenge!

I’m puppy-sitting the most-adorable four-pawed wonder I’ve ever met. (Of the canine variety — I still think my Maddie was, paws down, the coolest kitty ever.) In the past 24-ish hours, we’ve gone for three walks, met no fewer than 25 people who knew him on sight and eaten an untold amount of treats. (And that’s just me!)

I quipped that picking up dog poop, oddly, wasn’t the lowlight of my day. Everybody knows my Tuesdays suck. Today was a Thursday masquerading as Tuesday. And didn’t Mercury just hop back into retrograde? Sure feels like it.

I had a Big Work Situation today. And it was mine, all mine, to take care of. And I did. I’m so damned relieved, but so very exhausted.

I didn’t have a lot of anxiety going into it. (It begins with “T” and ends with “ermination.”) Of all the people I’ve let go in my career, this one was the most-talented. But there is a LOT to be said for it not being a fit … and for the fit changing over (albeit it a short) time.

I’d been documenting and agonizing out the wazoo because it was a delicate, delicate situation. But I hit a point where it was just time to eliminate the position — trying to save it and morph it was just ending up in disaster, and I don’t have time for disaster. I have enough disasters to address on my to-do list, thanks!

Also disappointing was the fact that I’d left a vintage Far Niente in my trunk (in the HOT Florida sun) for far too long. Not that I was planning to do this event today. Tomorrow was my planned day. But when I’m through, you should just stick a fork in me and run for the hills before I stab back. Because I will. Hard.

Anyway, my wine is kinda skunky, but I don’t care. This is NOT the day to be picky.

All in all, it was a good day. Productive. But exhausting. Even though my nerves were fine, I was just good and mad. And then I had a few moments of “please, please don’t let us get sued for this.” But I had done my due diligence. The whole company (well, just Corporate, which was in the know) was standing behind me.

I’d done everything I could … for the company. And I will always wonder whether I did right by the employee (I tried. I don’t know whether I was met halfway), but in this case, the one thing we agreed on was that this was for the best.

Was it that easy? Apparently so. But I refuse to breathe a sigh of relief just yet. My heart is still pretty broken at the way things turned out.

Life goes on, though. I have a new employee — whom I recruited, recommended and cannot WAIT to see perform — starting in a completely different position soon. I have work that I just couldn’t part with that now I will be able to relinquish. That’s exciting for me. I won’t get calls when I’m out of the country anymore. Yeah!

So, I got to play Glenda the Good Witch with her on Monday. Then I pulled on the striped socks and played the Wicked Witch today. Tomorrow, I’ll bring Toto (er, George) to the office to entertain the Munchkins. And I will ROCK my ruby-red stilettos from one end of Oz to the other.

Oh, and Baltimore? Here I come. Not forever this time, but don’t rule me out yet. …

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