Am officially out of my old apartment, as of today. Tiff and I worked hard and not only lugged the rest of our shit outta there, but also left the place spic and span.

Of course, I have no remaining energy to either A.) clean the place I officially live in now, or B.) unpack the friggin’ car.

But all in due time, I s’pose. But I am curling up on the couch and tuning out the outside world, once this blog entry is done. My fingers, back and feet are absolutely aching. But we did go get a celebratory Slurpee at our favorite 7-11 after we turned in our keys and parking passes, which I am enjoying mightily right now. 🙂 Hurrah for frozen orange-pineapple Crystal Light!

Housewarming is likely to occur Nov. 1. Gives me just enough time to unpack six million boxes. 🙂

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