F*ing Monday

Needed to get to work early today, so I rushed outside at 7 a.m., backed out of my spot, and stopped ’cause something wasn’t right. And it wasn’t — I had a flat tire.

Here I am at work, two hours after trying to leave the house. There was a huge hunk of metal driven into my tire. Looks like foul play, quite honestly. Samantha is devastated to have to have a tiny, temporary shoe that doesn’t match her other three big-girl shoes. I’m devastated because I was waiting till I got to work to take my Percocet, so I am in pain and, as luck should have it, I forgot the meds anyway. (shit!) The good news about having to wait for the repairman was that I got to go make a pot of coffee and feed the cat, which I had forgotten to do. No wonder she was having a hissy fit at me all morning!

PLEASE let this day get better! I am ready to crawl back into bed and stay there!

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