Eyeball escapades

I had an unpleasant optometric experience today. Seems my contacts came in five weeks ago, only nobody bothered to call me. So I strolled in today, and before I could take them out of the building, I had to attend “Contact Lens Class.”

The short version: I left the contacts there and ran screaming to the car. The long version: I fought for an hour, getting those bastards in my eyes, only to not be able to get them out. My corneas ache, the whites of my eyes are red and my tear ducts are in overdrive. The good news is that my irises are this amazing emerald shade today, thanks to the tears and pain. The bad news is that I have a tension headache and will have to continue wearing my glasses for a long time to come.

I was already miserable from an hour-long, unnecessary meeting with Demure, which I walked out of so I could make my appointment time. I still don’t know what she does for a living, other than interrogate her two staff members. I really don’t. Perhaps half of my eye pain comes from rolling my eyes every five seconds. 🙂

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