Existential discontent

Was thinking about what I said yesterday, how if a gifted kid doesn’t like his or her teacher, they simply cannot learn from that person. Hmm. After going into work for a few hours last night and having to answer this ridiculously long e-mail from Demure as well as give her this strange storyboard project she’s been harping on me for (again, not doing REAL work, just busy work for her own edification), I realized that I blocked her the day I interviewed with her.

Of course, I respect my elders and want to absorb everything I can from everyone around me. But at the point that I realize that they are full of shit, I shut them off (like HRP — brilliant woman but a tremendously fake person, which I spotted immediately yet denied for months). Perhaps, after all these years of being told by superiors that I am terrible with time management, it might just be that I am GOOD with time, because I despise wasting it on/with people who don’t enhance my knowledge base or personal development. I pity this woman — she can’t solve anything on her own — she continually runs to Kumquat to get his directives on what she should do. I guess when I look at someone and know that I’d be able to do their jobs, and that I might want to do those jobs, I guess the lil rebel in me wants to bind and gag them and hide them somewhere so I don’t have to hear from them. 🙂

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