Executive Summary

1. Office is 600 degrees;

2. Decided not to post a rant I just completed — will quietly fester awhile longer;

3. Came in on time for once, for nothing! Big meeting going on about the merging of two departments (processing merging into membership, all of which will fall under Demure);

4. Am thinking about hiring a maid to keep up with the housework;

5. Preparing for an interview for yet another fucking obituary;

6. Still stinging over King Kumquat’s whiny bitch fit yesterday over stuff like hyphens and italics. But pleased over the fact that I told him that he didn’t see the other 30 errors just like it that I did fix;

7. Also pleased that, when he reminded me that I need to speak to division heads for all articles, I was able to point out where I did, in fact, contact them and they had nothing to contribute. That shut his trap in a hurry;

8. Had dinner with Shan last night and continued plotting the overthrow of our present lives and vocations;

9. Continually astounded by people who feel that things are your job when they have a responsibility to pitch in in a constructive way themselves;

10. Willing to accept the fact that the assholes for whom I work are content having me as a peon yet doing all the work. I really believe they will find some reason to not promote me. I have never seen a sneakier set of managers in my life — they can try to justify putting sugar in your gas tank, and think they have made a perfectly reasonable argument; and

11. Annoyed with everyone and everything in general today. Today is not a good day to aggravate me. Trust me.

Oooh, the meeting just broke up. Someone just slammed her office door rather loudly. This is going to involve a lot of physical moving of offices as well as removing the call center cubicles from my area. Yay! But they are either going to put in one desk in that area or build two offices. We’re not sure yet. I don’t care — anything is better than the bitch who hollers at everyone who calls!


12. Raises (or lack thereof) — merit raises of 2.5 percent will go into effect after our annual reviews in June. Shan was taken aback at the low rate, but as I’ve worked in non-profit forever, that’s unfortunately pretty standard. But still, who wants to work hard for that? Besides, it kills me that 2.5 percent for the town crier is $2,500 and for me it’s under a grand. And I work 75 times harder than she ever will. Pffffftttt.

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