Executive Summary

1. Gave up on writing stories last night due to flaming migraine.

2. Wishing I had a private blog that nobody could read (although one can argue that I already have three that nobody reads).

3. Am offically burned out on work and wish I didn’t have to do work today.

4. Have decided I am the only Mac user with a manicure — these tiny keyboards make it very painful to have an attractive set of nails.

5. Tried to order cheesesticks, among other small things, online last night from Papa Johns. The website promptly told me that I can’t place an order without a pizza (even though I had spent more money than their average pizza costs). So I canceled the order.

6. Ended up ordering from Pizza Hut, which is a high-tech site that even accepts credit cards. I got confused when I typed in the wrong phone # and couldn’t get back to the ordering screen after correcting it, but it was otherwise fast, cheap and easy — like me! But their cheesesticks aren’t as good as Papa John’s.

7. Still blistering about Mac Guy (my new design guy for work) getting $1,200 for two days of work, and I get $500 extra for two weeks and an extra full-time job.

8. V. difficult to go to sleep once you’ve had a diet vanilla Coke, a diet cherry Coke and two diet Dr. Peppers. In a row.

9. Maddie will grudgingly eat peanut butter if it’s all that’s in her food dish. Watching her react to her dry little mouth is worth more than any movie ticket.

10. See Point #2, I have so many *real* thoughts swirling around in my head and nowhere to write them that the people who inspired them can’t see them.

11. I actually found myself agreeing with George “Dubya” today on his affirmative action stance. Never thought I’d see the day. I’ve learned that when people claim to want equality, they really want preferential treatment. I worked damn hard to get to college, and 10 times harder to pay for it myself. Don’t give my spot to somebody who qualifies for the sympathy vote.

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