Executive Summary

1. Cruise Director’s column arrived after midnight — seven days late. But it’s quite good, so I suppose it was worth the wait, even though my morale sunk into the toilet in the meantime.

2. Time to do corrections! Hopefully I’ll be out of here before 8 tonight. Maybe 7, if miracles happen.

3. Have a second interview with Sports Guy this afternoon, although Graphics Gal (she’s not a goddess anymore) and H.R. are pretty much in love with Witchy Woman and dead-set against Sports Guy. Personally, I am sick over the fact that I feel like, once again, I will not completely own my decision over whom to hire. Perhaps I should just ask to expand my freelance budget and not have to hire anybody. Besides, I like my layout guy too much, and I’ll hate to have to incrementally phase out his services.

4. Shan actually came back today. I had hoped she’d just take another sick day. But we are meeting tomorrow night to officially activate the escape plan. We are, as my old friend Lorraine would say, “Too through.” Shawn and Tiff also want to start their own businesses — seems that entreprenurship is in the air.

5. Apparently my freelancers haven’t gotten paid for last month’s work, yet they worked this month. My layout guy is threatening to not do next month’s issue, and I said that’s fine with me. I can hardly blame him. Hell, I was 10 minutes away from calling the publishing house and asking them to charge us a late fee, because I couldn’t send the paper with a missing column from Cruise Director. I am horrible with my own personal credit, but I take my business relationships very seriously, and I understand that they can and will get other clients … who not only pay, but also pay on time.

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