Executive Summary

1. Stressed at work (whatta shocker)

2. Made it to Round 2 of interviews at Veggie Patch

3. Will interview my competition this week (?) to tell them why they don’t want the job

4. Will do my last interview after #3 is complete

5. Listening to k.d. lang’s “Invincible Summer” album all day did no good in alleviating emotional hangover caused by previous entry (and the perfume never did wear off — damn it)

6. Bought Tatu’s CD for $9 (a steal!) … and it has their video on it as well ::drool::

7. Am half-step away from going postal and ripping someone a new one with my teeth — doesn’t matter who, just the next person who irritates me

8. Had a Shamrock Shake for dinner — woo hoo!!!

9. Business ideas are a-bloomin’ from above and below the Mason-Dixon line — and maybe one of the businesses will be based in New Orleans, if I play my cards right!

10. As far as I’m told, the decision of whom to hire at the Veggie Patch will occur before we all leave for Anaheim next week, and whomever is hired won’t start till mid- to late-April. Crud muffins. At least that means I get two more bonus checks, at any rate.

11. I applied for another job, only to get an e-mail today to say that the position was just filled, and thanks for playing, but do not pass go. It’s all good — it just wasn’t meant to be. Likewise, with the Veggie Patch, if I’m not meant to be promoted to the job I’m already doing, so be it. I went apeshit today because of raging incompetence from my peers that almost cost me my ass. If I don’t officially get the promotion, it means that better things are ahead for me, only elsewhere.

12. I’m VERY impressed with the scores of those who have taken my quiz so far!!! Now, who gets to score with me? 😉

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