Ewwww! Boys Have Cooties!

The war between the sexes continues to wage on. Find living proof in this excerpt from an IM convo I had with my past. *Note, IM handles modified to protect the guilty. 🙂

Cav: boys are stupid

C74: and icky

Cav: they have cooties

C74: and they burp a lot

C74: Still, you cant stay away…like me with women…

C74: They’re mean

C74: cold hearted

Cav: it’s addicting, ain’t it?

C74: soul sucking

C74: self centered

C74: and I cant get enough

C74: lol

Cav: boys can be shallow, have short attention spans and no concept of how to use a telephone

C74: girls can not identify what the truth is and how to tell it

Cav: boys never stick around long enough to rebuke whatever stories girls tell

C74: Guys need to wander, women don’t get that

Cav: women wander for awhile and finally get tired of running after nothing

C74: Whats your definition of nothing???lol

Cav: ah, there’s so much nothing out there, it would take all day to describe it. lol. Since the convent is out of the question, it might be time to start chasing girls … maybe they’ll let me catch them!

C74: girls are trouble too….just have carefree casual no name sex, like me….lol.

C74: I would try men, but I dont really want to have to resort.

Cav: yeah, that’s slumming. lol

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