Not feeling particularly articulate today. I’m hurting pretty bad. Luckily, the bag comes off tomorrow. And maybe life will return to somewhat normal afterward.

I’ve been ridiculously weepy during the past few days. I guess that’s supposed to be normal, but I still hate it. The house smells like a funeral parlor, with five rotting bouquets of flowers stinking up the place. They were pretty when I got them, though. 🙂 I guess I can’t ever complain again that nobody sends me flowers. …

It’s been strange without Kadi the Cat From Hell. I think I might just try to give her back to Mikey. I loved her, for all of my complaining, but Leslie made a good point that I am not in any position to be caring for a crazy kitten when I’m barely moving around my apartment. *sigh* I feel bad, but maybe it’s for the best. We’ll see.

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